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It is a time of change… The world is developing rapidly and with each passing day faster.  Continuous process improvement technologies- which could make these changes more significant and effective – trail far behind this trend. Who suffers?Companies that lose competition, people – who can not find a new place in the changed labor market, countries wasting resources that could go to create new economy. New efficient business-process improvement methodology without exaggeration is a world priority.

The Six Sigma Association over the last three years has been working to create a new version of Six Sigma methodology – capable of adequately meeting new challenges. This is a complete upgrade of Lean Six Sigma, a system of continuous improvement that spontaneously evolved in the 2000’s from the merger of various methodologies and tools.

We will not dwell on the reasons why continiuos improvement systems Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen, TOC and relatively new ones like QRM require deep rethinking and transformation. Dozens of critical articles were written dealing with the issue. The reason is obvious – these technologies are 30, 50 and even 100 years old.

Our estimate of effectiveness of different improvement concepts and tools, and  their inclusion in the new version of Six Sigma, as well as refinement of existing and  development of new tools were based on thorough study of a large number of methodological literature, analytical reports on the effectiveness of improvement systems, surveys of specialists and our own training and implementation experience.

Continuous improvement methodology by itself should be effective. We therefore should minimize the reasoning and examples as a waste of time to present the new methodology SixSigma3.0 (in English in one word) as a solid well-conceived methodology for improving business processes capable of producing effect. It is important “what” and “how”, and not the reasoning on the “why”.

We plan to publish a series of posts on the results of our work.

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